Are sofa beds better than regular sofas?

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Are sofa beds better than regular sofas?

Are you torn between buying a sofa bed or a regular sofa? If that’s the case, you definitely have to do your research beforehand. If you find yourself in that dilemma, you are in luck because we are here to help you with that decision.
Sofa beds are really popular among consumers, because they are so functional and practical. They are the ideal solution for limited spaces and they are also far more admired and appreciated by consumers. However, there are some disadvantages to owing one. In this article, we will discuss pros and cons of having sofa beds and help you make the best choice possible.


Advantages of having sofa bed


1. They are great for having company

Your friends will definitely appreciate the new piece of furniture in your house. When your friends come over they will have a comfortable place to sleep over without being worried about driving home or getting a late night taxi. They are as comfortable as a real bed and they provide the perfect place for overnight guests to sleep on.

2. They can be transformed according to your needs

They are just like a traditional sofa. However, if you need them to be a bed they can be transformed into one in matter of seconds. Even if you don’t need a bed, and you want to lie down and watch TV there you have it!

3. They can be used in every room of the house

Regular sofas are meant to be placed in living rooms and stay there as long as they can be used. However, sofa beds can be easy moved from one room to the other when needed. If you ever decide to change the purpose of a room, you can easily place them there. They are great addition to bedrooms, playrooms, and even studys.

4. They are made to be much more durable these days

They have a bad reputation for not being strong and durable. However, with the rise of demands by consumers manufacturers have decided to invest extra attention on them, and make them high-quality and durable. Therefore, you can shake of the bad feeling now and without any worries purchase your favorite sofa bed.

5. They are very easy to set up

They are so easy to set up and use. Unlike, inflatable mattresses you won’t need a foot pump or any other tools. They won’t need anything extra to be set up and ready, and it is very easy to do so. It is also very quick, and it won’t take even a minute.


Disadvantages of having sofa bed


1. They could be huge in size

Sofa beds are multi-functional, therefore they could be bigger and heavier than regular sofas. However, if you prefer your sofa bed to be small in size it is possible to find smaller sizes. They can be found in various sizes and styles according to consumer’s preference.

2. Compared to a real bed, they might not be as comfortable

Sofa beds would easily win compared to other alternatives in terms of comfort. However, if we want to compare them to an actual bed, they might not be as comfortable. Their purpose is not to be used every night however, occasional use is recommended. If you need to use them on a daily basis, you can purchase one with built-in mattress. Sofas with built-in mattresses are very comfortable and can be used as beds without causing any discomfort or pain.

3. Only one person can sleep on them

Many sofa beds in the market are only made for one person. However, if you and your partner plan on sleeping on them you could purchase the ones that will support the two of you. However, the large ones take up more space and they cost a lot more money. Nevertheless, If you want to use it yourself you will be just fine.

4. Their convertible mechanism cannot be trusted

Sofa beds use the convertible mechanism to transform. This mechanism might give you a hard time sometimes. If you use them excessively or improperly they might break or get damaged.


Sofa bed VS regular sofa

Of course the right choice for you depends on your lifestyle. If you want to have a sofa that you can sleep on look no further. Sofa beds would be perfect for you. There are many other benefits to them, as mentioned above. If you feel like you would use any of its feature that has been already mentioned don’t even hesitate to buy a sofa bed. However, if you don’t need a bed in your living room or you may think it takes up a lot of space or it is too expensive, regular sofas are the choice to go.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for sofa beds, you could try buying used ones. Used sofas beds will offer the same function, however they don’t cost as much.

Where can you buy used sofa bed?

GRAND JELES is an eco-friendly company based in Montreal. It hopes to serve clients by delivering used furniture to their homes. GRAND JELES repairs and cleans the sofa to make it look and feel brand new. Some of the sofas are from well-known brands like Natuzzi and Nicoletti.

Used sofa collection at GRAND JELES includes a variety of sofas with different material and colors. These used sofas are sold at a very low price in spite of their durability and quality. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and also do something good for your environment and community, GRAND JELES is the perfect place for you to shop.

Customers can visit the store and see their favorite sofa before purchasing it. The sofa will be delivered to the buyer in perfect shape and packaging. GRAND JELES  works towards providing proper service to the customers. This company’s goal is to reduce waste and preserve the nature.

choose sofa color

GRAND JELES is available 7 days a week and values clients by being responsive 24 hours.

Click here to view the collection.


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