How to style a green sofa in 2022?

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How to style a green sofa

If you have a green sofa, you may face some challenges regarding its styling. Integrating a green sofa into the overall design of your room might be a little difficult. However, once you have decided the look you want to create decorating around the sofa will become much easier. First, you have to decide if you want to go for a subtle or bold look. The color of your walls will make a huge difference, and the accessories play an important role. In this article we will talk about how to style a green sofa.

Benefits of having a green sofa

Green is a bright color which makes everyone happy when looking at it. However, it is not seen a lot in interiors. This color evokes powerful emotions in humans. Moreover, because we see this color a lot in nature, it will have a positive effect on us and it will make us think of growth and renewal. If you use this color in your interior, you would have feelings that are associated with security, peace, and rest. Therefore, having a green sofa will help you calm down and it would sooth you after a long and hard day at work.

How to style a green sofa

If you have decided to buy a green colored sofa, you have to think of the style. The style of the sofa has to match the room you want to place it in. For instance, if you choose a modern and contemporary design, it has to match other furniture. In the following, we are going to talk about how you can style a green sofa.


The color of the wall

The color of the wall would help your green sofa stand out or disappear into the room. If you prefer subtle and soft look, a neutral colored wall with undertone of green would look elegant and classy. Wall colors that create a soft look with your green sofa include gray, white, beige, and tan. However, if you want to create a more colorful vibe, cool shades would match your green colored sofa pretty well. To achieve this look, you can paint your wall blue or another variation of green. Moreover, the intensity of the shade of your wall should match the shade of your sofa. However, if you want your green sofa to be the star of the living room and stand out, create a contrast. A wall color that is the opposite color of your sofa would create this effect. You can use shades like rust, brick, or wine for a striking contrast.

The color of flooring

The color of the flooring is as important as the color of walls when you want to buy a green sofa. The flooring has to match your green sofa and also the color of the wall. A hardwood floor serves as a natural shade, therefore it would complement any sofa color well. When paired with an area rug, it would anchor the seating area perfectly. Choosing the color of the rug is similar to choosing the color of wall. Moreover, in order to add visual interest and character you can choose patterns for your rug.


Complementary furniture

It is better if the color of the complementary furniture does not exactly math the color of your green sofa. However, furniture with similar tone would be a great match. For instance, if your sofa is sage green you can match it with navy or blue grey.



Little touches will help the overall look of the room seem put together and complete. If you want your green sofa to blend well with the rest of your room, choose the right accessories. Try to mix several different throw pillow colors on your sofa. You can even choose a color that contrasts with your green sofa, also you can add neutral colors. The color of the curtains or window covering and even candles would bring the whole look together and create a cohesive room.

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