Importance of Console Tables in our Interior Design

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Importance of Console Tables in our Interior Design

Today we are going to figure out The Importance of Console Tables in our Interior Design. A console table is a piece of accent furniture in a living room, family room, or hallway. It is a great place to put a vase of flowers, pictures, and those other little touches that make a home feel welcoming. Especially in a small room or narrow hallway, pairing the console table with a mirror can make the space feel larger. Console tables come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, heights, and materials.

Choosing one might seem a little confusing. A few simple tips can help you decide which type of console table will suit your purposes and add that finishing touch to your decor. Choosing one style for each room gives your home continuity, flow, and a direct reflection of your tastes and lifestyle. The good news about picking the style is that there is no right or wrong. There are so many different ones to choose from that it might drive you a bit fuzzy to select just one. Decorating styles include traditional, contemporary, modern, country, transitional and eclectic.

Importance of Console Tables in our Interior Design


  • Traditional furniture is usually made of wood and has medium or dark wood finishes. Furniture pieces are richly ornamented with elaborate decorative and architectural detail such as moldings, turned spindles, cabriole legs, and intricate brass drawer pulls. They tend to be oversized and impressive, with a stately or formal appearance. Traditional furniture, based on historical periods and social trends, spans several centuries, from the Renaissance to the Victorian era.
transitional console table

They tend to be oversized and impressive, with a stately or formal appearance.

  • Transitional furniture resembles traditional style because it is a blend of both traditional and contemporary decorative elements. However, the transitional style has a good appearance because the decoration is pared down and is not as ornate. Lines and forms are flowing however you can combine them with linear components. Transitional furnishings are both functional and comfortable and tend to be of a more moderate scale. A transitional console table typically has classical lines, rounded corners, and a medium to dark wood finish.

A transitional console table typically has classical lines, rounded corners, and a medium to dark wood finish.

  • The contemporary style focuses on function and form rather. Lines and forms are more linear but can have rounded corners and softer and simpler ornamentation. Contemporary furniture pieces have an uncluttered, calm appearance and are commonly constructed of lighter wood with light wood finishes and medium wood finishes. Sub styles of contemporary furnishings include urban, Art Deco, and retro.

Importance of Console Tables in our Interior Design

  • Modern furniture is geometric or asymmetrical, reflecting the new technologies, materials, and philosophies that emerged early twentieth century. Many people use modern and contemporary as interchangeable terms, and while there are certainly some similarities, there are also some differences. Modern furniture tends to have no ornamentation or if there is decorative detail, it is lean and spare and an integral part of the piece’s design. Surfaces are sleek and polished; chrome and glass are common construction materials. Modern furniture is the expression of a particular architectural movement also it is considered cold.

Importance of Console Tables in our Interior Design

  • Country furniture grew out of traditional conventions. However, it depicts the social customs and philosophies of the region of its origin. For example, as colonists adapted old-world cabinetry techniques to their new surroundings, colonial furniture used lighter finishes, and decorative detail became less ornate. A country-style console table is usually constructed of wood and can have scalloped edges, wainscoting, and turned legs.
Importance of Console Tables in our Interior Design

A country-style console table is usually constructed of wood and can have scalloped edges, wainscoting, and turned legs.

  • Eclectic style is as individual as the person doing the decorating. It utilizes a variety of different design and style elements. Since eclectic style is a mix of historical periods and trends, you can pair a contemporary console table with a Queen Anne armchair. An eclectic room has a “layered” look that is textured and visually interesting.


It is used to set down keys, hold a table lamp, or display mementos, so you want it to be strong, sturdy, and appealing. While choosing what your console table should be made of, don’t forget the tabletop. Some manufacturers offer stylish sofa tables with distinctive tops made from a wide variety of materials such as stone, glass, and leather. To make a bold statement in a hallway or room, choose a contemporary glass console table or one that has a mosaic or granite top.

Importance of Console Tables in our Interior Design

  • A genuine wood console table is a piece of furniture you will treasure for a long time to come. It is considered the most durable material for furniture, and genuine wood furniture has resulted from timber cut from the trunks of trees. Popular hardwoods for furniture construction are beech, oak, or maple. Designers use softwoods such as pine and cedar also commonly for furnishings. The terms “hardwoods” and “softwoods” refer to whether the timber used to make the furniture is from a deciduous (a tree that loses its leaves) or coniferous tree (a tree that does not shed its leaves) and not to the hardness or softness of the wood itself.


  • No matter what the style, metal console tables possess an elegant and sleek appearance. We could craft them from iron, steel, aluminum, or other alloys. A metal console table will typically have a glass top. Since metal furniture is constructed from different types of metals, in any number of combinations and strengths, the quality of metal used can vary from one manufacturer to another. Not only is a metal console table stylish, but it is also durable and easy to care for.

wood console table

  • Glass is a popular material for the tops of many types of console tables. When shopping for glass-top console tables, select one made of tempered glass. Designers designed it to break into tiny fragments rather than large shards, like untreated glass, if it should break, it will be safer. Tempered glass is created in one of two ways: it is treated with heat or coated in a chemical solution.
  • Another popular material for a console table top is different kinds of stone, especially marble, granite, and slate. A top made from stone can be crafted from one piece or veneers. Producers produce a marble or slate veneer by adhering thin slices of real stone to the surface of the furniture piece, usually made from engineered wood like plywood or MDF. This gives the console tabletop the appearance of real stone, but it will weigh less and be not as expensive.

Console Tables

Console tables are designed to rest against a wall or couch and can serve several purposes. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including rectangular and oval. We call The half-moon console table often by its French name, the demilune console or sofa table. When made of metal and glass, the half-moon console is significantly elegant in a hallway and creates a feeling of spaciousness.

If you are in the habit of entertaining, a console table in a living room or family room is very versatile, since you can use them as a buffet table or a mini bar area. Console tables can breathe new life into your décor by defining the room while adding functionality.

 Storage Console Tables

  • A storage console table is the ideal accent table because it provides additional places to store things out of sight or in plain sight if you prefer open shelving to enclosed storage. Storage console tables can make a room clutter-free, particularly if the design includes baskets, multiple drawers, or cubbies. Especially if you need to maximize your floor space, selecting a storage console table is a smart way to increase the room’s functionality. They can be added to a foyer, dining room, living room, or guest bedroom.

Wine Consoles

  • A wine console table is a great way to keep a small, select collection of wines at your fingertips. It also portrays you as a sophisticated host or hostess. Wine consoles are available in many styles depending on the manufacturer. The designed wine rack console tables can hold a small number of bottles that can accommodate 40 or more bottles of wine. You must set down your drinks, a plate of appetizers, or an open bottle of wine waiting to be poured onto the Wine consoles. 

Convertible Console Tables

  • You can convert some types of sofa or console tables into compact-sized dining tables by raising, flipping over, or pulling out leaves. It is ideal for a small apartment or a dual-purpose room because they are essentially two tables in one. The convertible console table is convenient if you don’t have a regular formal dining area. When you host the occasional dinner party, you can convert the console table into a dining table and then back, when the evening is over. Even if you do have a formal dining area, having another table you can use for additional seating is a good thing to have during the holidays.


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