Adaptil Diffuser and Refill for Dogs

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    Adaptil Diffuser and Refill

    Item:Diffuser and Refill
    Brand: Adaptil
    Product Status:Returned
    Usage:prevent anxiety and stress related behavior in puppies and adult dogs
    Recommended Use:at least 2 months

    Dogs and humans have built a special relationship over thousands of years and have become living companions. However, human living conditions may not be suitable for dogs and they could face some difficulties adopting to our modern life. Puppies and adult dogs live in groups in the wild. They exchange natural messages released into the air called pheromones. These appeasing messages are produced by mother dogs from the ears of adult dogs. Adaptil Diffuser and Refill provides your dog with this appeasing pheromone, which you cannot release yourself: it contributes to their well-being and helps them adapt to stressful situations.


    • Stop and prevent anxiety and stress related behaviors in puppies and adult dogs
    • Stop destructiveness, barking and beeping, uncleanliness, excessive licking
    • Reassure Pheromones
    • One Adaptil vial is sufficient for a 30-day treatment of approximately 50-70 m2
    • Effects are quickly visible
    • It is recommended to be used for at least 2 months, along with obedience training

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    Adaptil Diffuser and Refill for Dogs