Alarm Clock Radio Sony ICF-C1

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    Alarm Clock Radio Sony ICF-C1

    Item:Alarm Clock Radio
    Product Status:Returned
    Display Type:LCD
    Dimensions:3.98"W x 4.02"H

    The Sony ICF-C1 alarm clock radio is probably the best alarm clock you will ever own.

     It is a square-shaped LED radio and the power cord is fairly long. With this alarm clock, you will have two different alarms that you can set: A alarm and B alarm. You can set either one to wake up to a buzzer or wake up to the radio. If you set it to wake up to the radio, you will have to set the radio station first.

    On top of the alarm clock is the snooze button and you can also adjust the LED brightness with the same button. In order to adjust the LED brightness just press the button. It has three levels of brightness: Low, medium, and high. On the back is where you set and adjust the time. On the bottom, there is a backup battery, which is included with the purchase of the radio.

    In order to set the time just simply press the “enter time set” button on the back for 2 seconds. The alarm will gradually get louder to wake you up and will stop ringing after 60 minutes.


    • backup power
    • Stylish and elegant
    • AM/FM
    • Adjustable LED brightness
    • snooze function
    • progressive buzzer volume
    • Automatic time setting



    Why does the Sony ICF-C1 alarm clock have a radio?


    Sony ICF-C1 alarm clock radio enables you to wake up to your favorite music by setting an alarm with a preset radio station. It makes waking up more enjoyable.


    What are the benefits of waking up with an alarm clock radio?


    Regular sleep schedules can be maintained with the help of alarm clocks. Our biological clocks benefit from waking up at the same time every day. Regularly using an alarm clock can help you maintain a consistent schedule and normalize your sleep cycle.

    Does alarm Sony ICF-C1 alarm clock automatically turn off?

    To turn off the alarm, you can just press a button. Sony ICF-C1 will automatically turn off after 60 minutes if left unattended.

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    Alarm Clock Radio Sony ICF-C1
    Alarm Clock Radio Sony ICF-C1