BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap

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    BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap

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    • M2pro is a battery version head strap specially designed by BOBOVR for Quest2. The BOBOVR design team optimized many details on the basis of the original M2, which improved the overall comfort and practicality of the head strap.
    • The dedicated battery pack weighs only 140g, achieving weight balance before and after. Compared with the traditional power bank, it greatly reduces the burden on the head;
    • The battery pack adopts a magnetic quick-release design, the battery can be removed and charged without affecting the use of Quest2. Two battery packs Hot swap can achieve unlimited battery life (the second battery needs to be purchased separately);
    • The battery capacity of a single battery pack is 5200mah. A single battery pack can add about 3 hours of battery life to Quest2, and can provide a maximum of 15 watts of fast charging power; an additional Type-c interface is reserved for powering other accessories (such as BOBOVR F2).
    • The redesigned shape of the back of the head brings a larger contact area and improves the overall wrapping and comfort; the stressed parts are replaced by polymer materials to improve toughness and further reduce the risk of fracture.


















    Weird question-Do I need to charge my bobo battery directly or will it also charge if I have headset plugged in for charging with battery attached?
    If you wish to charge the Quest2 and B2 battery packs at the same time, you can do the following: Remove the B2 battery pack and connect the charging cable via USB-C, when the B2 shows charging, put the B2 back on the M2pro again, this It will charge the B2 and M2pro at the same time.
    How many hours does the battery last?
    Is this head strap and screen or just head strap?
    Its just the headstrap for the Oculus. You buy the Oculus separately.
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    BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap


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