Crypto Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S

Product Features:


    Crypto Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S

    Item:Crypto Hardware Wallet
    Model:Nano S
    Product Status:Product Status
    Capacity:Manage up to 3* crypto at the same time among 5500+ compatible crypto assets *depending on app size
    Coins Supported:5500+ coins and tokens with the Ledger Live app, from your computer or smartphone (Android only).
    Security:Certified secure element (CC EAL5+)
    Size:56.95mm × 17.4mm × 9.1mm
    Connector:Micro USB-B
    Screen:128 × 32 pixels
    Product Dimensions:0.68 x 0.35 x 2.24 inches
    Item Weight:0.571 ounces

    For managing crypto and NFTs securely, Ledger Nano S Crypto Hardware Wallet is the perfect entry-level wallet. It is possible to store up to three different coins simultaneously on the Nano S, but that doesn’t mean you can manage only three coins at a time. In other words, the Nano S can only hold three coin applications at once, including their tokens. Nano S supports all 5500+ coins, so you can manage as many as you want.


    • Suitable for beginners or veterans with simple needs
    • Features a secure certified chip (CC EAL5+)
    • Designed to withstand sophisticated attacks
    • Protects your valuable assets
    • You can buy, sell, exchange, grow and manage your crypto or NFTs
    • Allows you to manage up to 3 of your favorite crypto
    • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ethereum tokens, XRP, BNB, Stellar, and many more
    • Buy over 50 coins and tokens
    • Exchange your coins or tokens in seconds
    • Send/receive coins to/from other wallets or platforms’Easily track your entire portfolio
    • Check crypto prices, charts, and market cap in real-time
    • Stake your assets and watch them grow in real time
    • Connect to dApps like 1inch or Lido and take part in Web 3.0!
    • You can also use an approved third-party wallet to manage coins or tokens not yet supported by Ledger Live



    How many currencies can this Crypto Hardware Wallet store?


    It can store as many as Ledger supports. You can only install a few apps on your ledger at a time, however, you can always delete an app and install another one.


    How can I take Bitcoin out of the ledger?


    The same way you would if you were on an exchange Bitcoin has an address with which you can move funds around.

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    Crypto Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S
    Crypto Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S