EEHOLE Leather Repair Cream Kit

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    EEHOLE Leather Repair Cream Kit

    Here is Leather Repair Kit in different colors. These creams are very easy to use. You can restore the discolored parts of leather items. You can also use these creams for leather scratches and rips.

    How to use EEHOLE Leather Repair Cream Kit

    1. Clean the area
    2. Apply the leather repair cream to the area you want to fix
    3. Then polish the cream
    4. Clean the surface with a piece of cloth
    5. Let the surface dry
    6. The repair is complete!

    Delivery time

    The Estimated Time of Delivery is between 3 to 5 business days in Canada and USA



    Checkout out for more repairing tools by clicking Here!


    Black, White, Red Wine, Grey, Tan


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    EEHOLE Leather Repair Cream Kit
    EEHOLE Leather Repair Cream Kit


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