Electric Dehumidifier Portable Ultra Quiet 750 ml

Product Features:


    Electric Dehumidifier Portable Ultra Quiet 750 ml

    Item:Electric Dehumidifier
    Product Status:Returned
    Product Dimensions:13 x 13 x 21.3 cm; 1.08 Kilograms
    Included Components:‎Power cable, adapter
    Capacity:750 Millilitres
    Tank volume:2300 Millilitres
    Recommended uses for product:For Cupboard, Bathroom, Bedroom, Caravan
    Material:ABS plastic
    Operation mode:Electric

    This Electric Dehumidifier with the most efficient dehumidification system reduces humidity to keep dust mites and bacteria out of your home. The air quality is improved when dust mites are eliminated and the humidity is reduced. It keeps clothes dry, prevents moisture and mildew, and can be stored in the closet to dehumidify anytime, anywhere. In 30°C(86°F), RH80% conditions, this 750ml dehumidifier can absorb 400-450ml of water from damp air per day and it is perfect for use at home, in the office, and in small spaces.


    • Efficient dehumidification and low energy consumption
    • Small and portable and easy to use
    • Can be used in a range of 10-25 m2 and 15 m2
    • Suitable for kitchen, closet, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc
    • Adapts to the environment automatically adjusts humidity, and cleans the mold and mites in the air
    • Breathes fresh and healthy all day closed to satisfy your health
    • Uses low temperature condensation and dehumidification semiconductor design
    • Features no chemical pollution, no release of harmful gases
    • Very low power consumption of 23 W
    • Is equipped with an automatic detection device
    • Is designed to provide you with a comfortable living experience
    • 7 seven color LED ambient light can be selected and switched off
    • Suitable for personal use or use in a small space of 5-10 square meters exposed to moisture



    How to use this  Electric Dehumidifier?


    This Dehumidifier is very easy to use. Just press the on or off button to turn on the dehumidifier. Whether the water tank is installed or removed.


    Where should I put this Dehumidifier in the house?


    You can place this device in the kitchen, closet, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. The best room size is in the range of 10-25 m2 and 15 m2.

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    Electric Dehumidifier Portable Ultra Quiet 750 ml
    Electric Dehumidifier Portable Ultra Quiet 750 ml