Grand Jeles Refurbished Brand Reversible Black Sectional Sofa Bed + FREE DELIVERY – Code : 574

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    Reversible Black Sectional Sofa Bed (Grand Jeles Refurbished Brand)

    About this item:

    Item :Furniture
    Brand :Grand Jeles Refurbished Brand
    Model :Sofa Bed with Storage
    The sofa's L part is reversible
    Product Status :Renewed Sofa
    Color :In Black Fabric
    Good to know :Refurbished in Canada
    3 back cushions are included
    You can remove the pad cover and machine wash it.
    Fabric :Fabrics made in France
    Soft and high quality velvet design
    Seat frame :Solid wood
    Armrest frame :Plywood, Particleboard
    Bed storage box:Plywood, Particleboard, Melamine foil
    Condition :In excellent condition
    Important point :The fabric of this sofa is very great and therefore the price of this sofa is different from the rest of the sofa.
    Product Dimensions : Length1: 232cm 91"
    Length2: 148cm 58"
    Width; 89cm 35"
    Height: 67cm 26"

    This sofa was refurbished by Grand Jeles specialists in Canada.
    The high quality fabric and very soft that comes from France has been used in the reconstruction of this sofa, which in addition to feeling comfortable to the beauty of this sofa has also added.
    Also, the L part of this sofa has the ability to move and you can put the sofa in your desired direction .


    • Canapé-lit sectionnel réversible noir de marque Grand Jeles remis à neuf
    • Toutes les housses des canapés sont renouvelées avec un tissu de haute qualité
    • En tissu noir
    • Tissus fabriqués en France Conception en velours doux et de haute qualité
    • Le canapé comprend du rangement
    • Les sièges sont confortables
    • La capacité de coordonner avec des couleurs claires et foncées
    • Dimension :
      Longueur1 : 232 cm 91″
      Longueur2 : 148cm 58″
      Largeur; 89cm 35″
      Hauteur : 67cm 26″

    Shipping :

    This sofa will be delivered to you without any additional costs. Two people need to be present in order to take the sofa from our driver.

    Warranty and after-sales service:

    Warranty and after-sales service are not provided with Reversible Black Sectional Sofa Bed.

    Contact us for more information .


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    Grand Jeles Refurbished Brand Reversible Black Sectional Sofa Bed + FREE DELIVERY – Code : 574


    In stock