Light Brown Leather Sectional Sofa + FREE DELIVERY – Code:475

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    Light Brown Leather Sectional Sofa

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    The Light Brown Leather Sectional Sofa is in excellent condition as you can see in the photos . Although it takes up very little space, it creates a modern and pleasant atmosphere . The best choice is for the TV  room and guest room. And it provides a decent atmosphere for relaxation . If you have a small space, this type of Sectional sofa can well mark the boundaries between different catering sectors such as dining space, TV room, etc . Also , the light brown color is perfect for small spaces . You can also use light brown with colors like white yellow and blue , etc. So choosing a light brown leather sofa for a modern and classic atmosphere is a beautiful and smart choice.And finally, the first color of this sofa was dark brown, the color of which was changed to light brown by The Specialists of the Grand Jeles.

    We hope you enjoy this purchase a lot.

    Product Specifications:


    • Light Brown Leather Sectional
    • In excellent condition!
    • The seats are very comfortable
    • Dimension:
      Length1: 320cm 126″
      Length2: 170cm 67″
      Width: 94cm 37″
      Height: 68cm 28″


    • Canapé en L en cuir marron clair
    • En excellent état!
    • Les sièges sont très confortables
    • Dimension:
      Longueur 1 : 320 cm 126″
      Longueur 2 : 170 cm 67″
      Largeur : 94cm 37″
      Hauteur : 68cm 28″

    Warranty and after-sales service:

    Warranty and after-sales service are not provided with Light Brown Leather Sectional Sofa.

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