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Like New Leather Sectional Sofa: Procedure: Real Leather Status: Second hand Free delivery range: Up to 50 km Outside of Montreal Time to contact the buyer after registering the order for coordination: less than one hour - seven days a week Dimensions : Length 1:190 cm 75" Length 2 : 160cm 63" Width :80cm 32" Height : 79cm 31" Exchange or refund: Not Possible Place of delivery: In Front of the Building Product status: Maintenanced

Click here to see GRAND JELES used sofa collection

The like new leather sectional sofa is made of high-quality material and it has been bought less than a year ago for 1800 plus tax and additional fees. It is not worn and torn or damaged in any ways. In fact, it is in perfect shape and condition. The L part is not movable and changeable. The color of this sofa is absolutely gorgeous and stunning and works well with most shades and designs. Moreover, this color signifies stability, comfort, support, and protection. If you want to create a cozy and intimate space, this sectional sofa is a good choice. This sofa can accodomate multiple guests and also provides a comfortable place for you to relax.
The delivery of this sofa is free. Just remember two people need to be present to take the sofa from the driver.

Terms of return or exchange of goods

Grandjeles offers no refund and exchange. Therefore, refund or exchange of goods is not possible after purchase.

Warranty and after-sales service:

Warranty and after-sale services are not provided with the like new leather sectional sofa.

Financing terms:

Grandjeles offers financing conditions only for brand-new products. For more information contact us.


Real Leather


Dark Brown


In Perfect Condition


Length 1:190 cm 75"
Length 2 : 160cm 63"
Width :80cm 32"
Height : 79cm 31"


Free in Montreal


Not Available


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