Renewed 2 Parted Beige Fabric Sectional Sofa + FREE DELIVERY – Code: 462

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    2 Parted Beige Fabric Sectional Sofa (Renewed)

    about this Item:

    The L-shaped sofa due to the removal of the handle element and the pasting of different parts of the sofa to each other has caused less space to be occupied and more people together use this model of sofa and this property has caused people to get closer together and the nostalgia created in terms of location by creating a warm and intimate atmosphere is somewhat compensated.
    Beige colors are used alongside bright colors and also along with dark colors, and the use of each of these colors along with the beige color can both show the beauty of these colors and be the seal of approval on the beauty and attractiveness of the beige color, colors such as brown and white are the best colors to combine with beige color, combining beige color with green veins and blue with Using small items such as pots and carpet tableaus can be amazing, as well as combining beige and purple colors is one of the best options.

    Product Specifications:


    • This sectional’s seats are very comfortable
    • All covers are renewed with bran New beige fabric
    • Free Delivery included + Same Day Delivery
    • Dimension:
      Length1: 241cm 95″
      Length2: 212cm 84″
      Width: 92cm 36″
      Height: 76cm 30″


    • Canapé sectionnel en 2 pièces
    • Les sièges de ce sectionnel sont très confortables
    • Toutes les couvertures sont renouvelées avec du son Nouveau tissu beige
    • Livraison gratuite incluse + Livraison le jour même
    • Dimension:
      Longueur1 : 241 cm 95″
      Longueur2 : 212 cm 84″
      Largeur : 92cm 36″
      Hauteur : 76cm 30″

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