Summer Infant Baby Monitor

Product Features:


    Summer Infant Baby Monitor

    Item:Baby Monitor
    Brand:Summer Infant
    Product Status:Returned
    Screen:5.0" HD picture with 12x more pixels than standard monitors
    Camera:6-level HD zoom plus remote camera steering
    Display:Room temperature and clock display
    Special Features:SleepZone Virtual Boundary, HD night vision plus HD Moonlite boost
    Range:800 foot range
    Batteries:‎4 AAA batteries required. (included)
    Style:‎Zoom HD
    Alert type:‎Out_of_range, Low_battery
    Sensor technology:‎Room_temperature, nightvision
    Number of channels:‎2
    Dimensions:0.91 x 6.3 x 3.9 inches
    Weight:‎1.26 pounds

    Keeping eyes on your little ones all the time could be nearly impossible without the help of a baby monitor. The Summer Infant Baby Monitor allows you to see and hear your baby when you are not in the room with them. With Summer’s HD Moonlite Night Vision Boost, you can see your little one clearly at night. By using this smart technology, the viewing area of the camera is subtly illuminated in order to provide a clear, temporary, full-color glimpse of the baby in the dark. In addition, the voice-activated video on/off technology enables you to see your infant more easily without having to wait for the screen to come on if your baby wakes in the night and cries or babbles.


    • 5.0″ HD picture with 12x more pixels than standard monitors
    • 6-level HD zoom plus remote camera steering
    • Lullabies, white noise, and two-way talk back to baby
    • Room temperature and clock display
    • SleepZone Virtual Boundary, HD night vision plus HD Moonlite boost
    • 800-foot range
    • ‎Battery powered, ‎4 AAA batteries included



    Does the Summer Infant Baby Monitor have a touch screen?


    It does not have a touch screen. Most of the buttons are to the right of the screen and along the top edge.


    Can the SleepZone feature be turned off on this baby monitor?


    SleepZone is an optional feature, so you can have it turned on or turned off. If you choose to use the SleepZone feature, there are also three volume options.


    Can the sound and the light on this baby monitor be turned off on the parent unit while music is playing?


    It has a power save mode feature that helps to conserve battery life by automatically turning off the screen when the handheld is not plugged into an A/C adapter. The audio and the sound-activated lights feature will remain activated. If the Voice-Activated Screen Wake-up (VOX) feature is on, the video will turn on automatically when sound is detected. If you do not want to hear sound while in power save mode or when VOX is enabled, you can press the volume button on the monitor handheld to decrease the sound level.

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    Summer Infant Baby Pixel Baby Monitor
    Summer Infant Baby Monitor