Used Reversible Gray IKEA FRIHETEN Sectional Sofa Bed + FREE DELIVERY – Code:482

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    Gray IKEA FRIHETEN Sectional Sofa Bed(Used)

    About this item:

    The Gray IKEA FRIHETEN Sectional Sofa , as you can see in the pictures is in excellent condition . its design style is contemporary, so it can be an impressive and attractive element, both in terms of performance and visual, in your living room and focus attention on themselves.We all have the experience of children to sleep in front of the TV, Waking up children and sending them to the bedroom often makes them sleepless.. But a sofa that is a bed itself can easily solve this problem.This prevents the crowding of space . you can even use its pouf as a separate sofa. When you have a lot of guests, this sofa is perfect for watching TV with together and relaxing.

    The gray color makes the rest of the colors look better and more eye-catching. even if these colors have been used in a small number of items or decorations of the house


    Product Specifications:


    • The IKEA Sectional sofa with pullout bed
    • FRIHETEN model
    • In Gray  fabric
    • The sofa’s L part is reversible
    • Sofa includes storage
    • The seats are comfortable
    • The ability to coordinate with light and dark colors
    • Free Delivery included + Same Day Delivery


    • Le canapé sectionnel IKEA avec lit gigogne
    • Modèle FRIHETEN
    • En tissu gris
    • La partie L du canapé est réversible
    • Le canapé comprend du rangement
    • Les sièges sont confortables
    • La capacité de coordonner avec des couleurs claires et foncées
    • Livraison gratuite incluse + Livraison le jour même

    Warranty and after-sales service:

    Warranty and after-sales service are not provided with Gray IKEA FRIHETEN Sectional Sofa Bed.

    Contact us for more information .

    We hope you enjoy buying The Gray IKEA FRIHETEN Sectional Sofa Bed.


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