White Fake Leather Half Sectional Sofa + FREE DELIVERY – Code: 477

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    White Fake Leather Half Sectional Sofa

    About this item:

    The White Leather Sectional Sofa is absolutely stunning. This sofa is made out of one piece, It is in good shape and condition, as you can see in the photos. The wooden legs of the sofa increases its visual effect. They are also very stable and strong . This sofa is perfect for limited spaces. The its color will make your room appear bigger and brighter.White sofa because it is made of leather is a great option for classic and modern spaces.

    With this white sectional sofa in your living room, you will have more space for other essentials like tables, shelves and lamps. If you want to create a formal atmosphere., but also want to provide an inviting vibe this  sofa is the perfect choice. It also promotes good posture.

    This sofa will be delivered to you without any additional costs. Two people need to be present in order to take the White Leather Sectional  sofa from our driver.

    Product Specifications:


    • Half Sectional Couch
    • In White Fake Leather
    • The sofa is also clear of any stains
    • Sofa is completely clean
    • Pet free
    • Smoke free
    • Free Delivery included + Same Day Delivery
    • Dimension:
      Length: 165cm 65″
      Width: 99cm 39″
      Height: 76cm 30″


    • Canapé demi-sectionnel
    • En faux cuir blanc
    • Le canapé est également exempt de toute tache
    • La soude est complètement propre
    • Animaux gratuits
    • Sans fumée
    • Livraison gratuite incluse + Livraison le jour même
    • Dimension:
      Longueur : 165cm 65″
      Largeur : 99cm 39″
      Hauteur : 76cm 30″


    Warranty and after-sales service:

    Warranty and after-sales service are not provided with White Fake Leather Half Sectional Sofa.

    Contact us for more information .

    We hope you enjoy buying the White Fake Leather Half Sectional Sofa.


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