Sofa types that are very easy to clean

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Sofa types that are very easy to clean

We sure spend a lot of times on our sofa, cuddling with our loved ones and enjoying a nice beer while watching TV. Therefore, stains and spills are almost inevitable. On the top of that, if you have kids and pets your furniture is most likely going to suffer one way or another. Cleaning sofas could be such a hassle if you choose the wrong material. In this article, we will talk about sofa types that are very easy to clean and maintain to help you choose the best one.



Leather is the best material If you want to avoid cleaning regularly or don’t like to see stains on your sofa. However, bright colored leather sofas are not stain resistant compared to dark colored ones. Especially, if you have kids, pets, or even a sloppy roommate. Therefore, we recommend choosing black, brown or charcoal. If you are also looking for durability, leather sofas are a good choice. If you take care of your leather sofa properly, it could even last a lifetime. Moreover, most leather sofas become softer and more comfortable with age. Therefore, take care of your leather sofa and you will never have to buy a sofa in your life.



If you prefer fabric sofas over leather ones, you can choose a fabric sofa that has gone through stain-repellent treatment. Therefore, you can be sure that your fabric sofa will not stain and will remain looking as good and new as possible. With this treatment, if you spill liquid on your sofa it will run right off the fabric. Therefore, it would not stick and create a stain. If you want to have a sofa that is easy to clean, we recommend avoiding fragile fabrics like wool and silk. Velvet sofa is a good choice in this regard. Also, velvet seems to be one of the hottest interior trends these days.



Microfiber is an excellent choice for a low maintenance sofa. Microfiber is a lot like leather, however it is much cheaper. Like leather, microfiber also gets better with age, therefore it is very durable and comfortable. Moreover, microfiber has another important advantage: it is claw resistant. Therefore, even cats with sharpest claws would not be able to scratch it. In order to clean a microfiber sofa, you just need a damp cloth and soapy water. You can be sure that stains would not appear on your microfiber sofa and it is completely stain resistant. Therefore, if you are looking for a sofa that is easy to clean consider buying a microfiber sofa.



As you probably already know, light colored sofas are definitely harder to clean than dark colored sofas. With white furniture, cleaning will never stop. Even a small shadow of dust is going to show on your light colored sofa. By choosing a sofa that is on the dark side you would be doing yourself a favor and cut down the cleaning to the minimum.


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