The Modern Victorian style

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The Modern Victorian style

The Modern Victorian style is a classic meanwhile the new design of the Victorian style. While the traditional Victorian interior style does not match everyone’s taste, this doesn’t mean that Victorian houses must be inhabited. Victorian houses are very unique, and they have many features for interior design. Victorian-era design, known for its sophisticated and intricate decoration, still affects modern design ideas. You can also use a combination of different parts from different eras to give your modern home the sense of being warm and alive without being too ordinary and straightforward.

The Modern Victorian style


So how can you get the modern Victorian version in your home? Let’s look at the key aspects that create the Victorian style.

Victorian interior design history

The Victorian architectural style began in the mid-19th century, with Victoria referring during the reign of Queen Victoria. Household items were affordable, mass-produced, and accessible to those who couldn’t buy them. Understanding the cultural and technological changes of the Victoria era offers attractive insights on how to develop the interior design of that period.

The age of the industry had one of the most significant impacts on Victorian design. Since factories could create easy and cheap furniture, art, and fabric, the common decorative arts became much more achievable for ordinary people. This led to the crowded feature of Victorian design.

People could obtain all the beautiful objects they wanted for the first time in their lives, so they filled their homes with furniture and hung artwork on every wall, shelf, buffet, and desk with decorative items.

The Modern Victorian style

The new coloring technology was one of the massive changes that influenced Victorian design. For centuries, all the colors of the houses were made of vegetable colors that were mild, silent, and soil color. However, in the Victorian era, Aniline in colors was invented that could create severe colors such as deep purple and bright yellow. Thanks to the new printing-knitting techniques, designers can use bold colors to make stunning, striped, and muddy carpets. These brand new designs quickly appeared in wallpapers, curtains, and lifts, leading to happy and colorful homes for the people of Victoria.

The Modern Victorian style


During the Industrial Revolution, the middle class was able to increase their wealth and began to invest in their home design. The interior design of the Victoria era needed greatness. The ambition they achieved by displaying all the means and furnishings. The details certainly have not been missed in Victorian homes. Currently, the Victorian style remains a classic element suitable for many home interior spaces because of its subtle principle in the design.

What is the modern Victorian style?

Creating a modern Victorian style in your home can be done with the precise combination of these two styles. The Victorians were very fond of using eloquent colors, and this is a feature that appeared in the modern Victorian style. Red, green, and blue colors are good choices to start with. The fireplace is usually at the center of a room, and the more decorative it is, the more promising. Think of furniture, margins, tuft, and decorative prints.

The Modern Victorian style

The Modern Victorian decoration style fully ss the main features of the Classic Victorian style. While it brings a modern view to the internal process, we can easily create a modern Victorian-style decoration by combining both Victorian and Modern features.

How to create a Modern Victorian style decoration?

Glamorous furniture or spatially adorned

The modern Victorian style is a combination of two modes. Bicolored furniture is a great way to introduce this style to your home. You can shape Bicolored furniture by using two different types of fabric. Velvet can be mixed with stripes and compose a modern piece with Victorian lines.

The Modern Victorian style


Modern lighting

One of the best ways to bond between these two styles is to add modern lighting to a deluxe Victorian space. The idea of ​​this can be doubting. Because these two design processes are very different. Not all modern lights work in Victorian territory.

The Modern Victorian style

 Do not be afraid of Colors

People around the world know the Victorian interior for its wide range of colors. It was a period of flying colors without white walls. Green, golden brown, red and blue were very popular. Interior designers display these colors typically in luxurious homes. While lighter colors fit a modern home much better. If you live in a Victorian house, use all the small rooms and paint them in various colors.

Notice the old luggage used as a coffee table. This is a good idea for storing items in the living room.

Invest in detailed and attractive pieces. For example, whenever buying home appliances, find beautiful sculptures. Put an epicurean candlestick in a fireplace to have a soft and smooth flicker instead of chopped wood.

For accurate imitation of the modern Victorian style add peerless flooring, highlight the room features with a bold and vibrant color. Also set a Contempo chair, hang a modern style ceiling light, and combine old and new concertedly.

For more information and decoration ideas for different styles, don’t forget to check our blog.


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