What are the benefits of having a dark colored sofa?

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What are the benefits of having a dark colored sofa?

Some people don’t like having dark colored sofas in their house, because they think it will give them a bad vibe. However, what they don’t know is that dark colored sofas are associated with power and elegance. Have you ever considered buying dark colored furniture? If you have some doubts we are here to help to make up your mind. In this article, we will talk about benefits of having a dark colored sofa and how you can style it.


Dark sofa are easy to maintain

One of the most important benefits of dark colored sofas is that they are durable and very easy to maintain. We usually spend a lot of time sitting on our sofa, with a remote control in one hand and a drink in the other. Therefore, it is very easy for our sofa to get dirty. In order to maximize our comfort and enjoy our break time, we have to choose a sofa that is easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, the time you spend on cleaning would become a lot less. If you choose a dark colored leather sofa, the process would even be shorter and less frequent. Also, it will last longer and even gets better with age.


Dark sofas hide stains

f you have kids or pets, you know that it is going to get messy. Therefore, stains and spills are almost inevitable. If you want to keep your sofa as attractive as possible and hide these stains, dark colored sofas would be your best choice. Moreover, you will be able to extend your sofa’s new and tidy look. Compare dark colored sofas with light colored ones and you will be able to visualize their ability in hiding stains and blemishes.


Dark sofas create drama

Dark colored sofas have become a trend in the past recent years. Modern and also traditional dark colored sofas, will create a formal look and add drama to your living space. If you have a dark sofa, It will attract all the attentions and draw eyes to its elegant appearance. Moreover, if you have a big living room, dark sofas would be a better choice for you, as it will make your living room appear more inviting and intimate. On the other hand, they might not be the best choice for small places. However, if have your heart set on a dark colored sofa, there are some ways to avoid the shrinking effect. In order to do that, use light colors for other furniture in your living room, and put your sofa in the center.


How to style a dark colored sofa?

As we have already mentioned, dark colored sofas are durable, easy to maintain and also they are a nice addition to your living room. However, you have to know how to style it in order to a create complete and put together look. When you want to style around a dark colored sofa, you have to consider the flooring, the wall, and also accessories.


The color of the flooring

The color of the flooring plays an important role in creating an elegant room with your dark colored sofa. It is better to have a light flooring when you have a dark colored sofa. Light wooden floorboards or light colored rugs would match you sofa perfectly and create a nice atmosphere.


The color of walls

If you have dark colored walls, it is better to rethink having a dark colored sofa. Especially, if you don’t have enough lightening. However, neutral color walls go really well with dark colored sofa. Moreover, if you have a spacious living area the combination of dark sofa and dark wall would not be the worse idea.



Colorful cushions and throw pillows would be very appealing when combined with a dark colored sofa. The contrast between dark and colorful would create a pleasing and nice atmosphere and also make the room appear bigger. Paintings and pictures on the wall would be a good addition to the design of your room and will bring the whole look together.


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