What does Modern Decorating Style Actually Mean?

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modern decorating style

Modern Decorating Style first started to emerge in the twentieth century. This style has continued to find its way to our homes all these years. There are specific features that characterize the modern style. These features include the use of natural light, natural items, minimalism, a monochromic color palette, etc. Many people confuse this term with the contemporary design style. However, these two terms are quite different and have their own specific elements and aesthetics. The modern design style was first started by a  historical movement that took place in the 20th century. This historical movement was characterized by simple forms, a focus on functionality, and abstract thinking.

If you are ready to give your house a complete makeover, but you haven’t decided which decorating style to go with, then you better do your research and make the best choice possible. Moreover, we are here to help you find the decorating style that matches your personality perfectly and tells people who you are as a person. If you want to know more about the Modern Decorating Style, keep scrolling.

modern decorating style

Modern Vs Contemporary Style

Although there are some similarities between these two styles, you should not use them interchangeably. In both contemporary and modern styles simple spaces, clean lines, and an inviting vibe is important. Also, in both of these styles designers avoid using heavy elements or ornate designs. However, the contemporary decorating style can change and evolve anytime, therefore, these similarities will also be gone. The modern style focuses on the aesthetics and elements of the years 1900 to 1950. Therefore, if you like the aesthetics of this era, choosing the modern style is highly recommended. Overall, the modern style is a lot more strict than the contemporary style. On the other hand, the contemporary style can change anytime and has many variations.

modern decorating style

Modern Decorating Style Elements

The modernism movement was a way for people at the time to break away from the traditional design materials and buildings and instead focus on using new and industrial materials such as glass and steel. The main belief that shaped this movement was that the form should combine with function and together they created the aesthetics of the modern design. There are some specific elements that define the modern decorating style. These elements include:

  • Clean Lines- Minimal ornamentation, and straight, clean lines are favored in the modern decorating style. The Gothic style, Victorian, and Renessanse all emerged before the modern movement, and they all focused on heavy, dark, and dramatic elements. Therefore, with the historic modern movement, people wanted to break away and reject these elements and instead focus on simplicity and serenity.
  • Minimal Decor- Unnessacary furniture and items are not used in the modern design. Therefore, functionality is a priority when you want to choose furniture based on the modern decorating style. Overall, form follows function, and therefore, it is more valued.
  • Neutral Colors -In the world of design, neutral colors are defined as colors without shade. These colors include black, white, grey, tan, and beige. If you are going for a modern look in your house, choose these colors as the background and put the focus on them. Moreover, you can also use bold colors to create an accent in your room and avoid being boring or cold.
  • Open Floor- In order to differentiate between different spaces, furniture is used instead of walls. For instance, a sectional sofa can define your open living room.
  • Natural Items – Even though function is a big part of the modern design, form still plays a big role. Therefore, natural and manmade items are widely used in this style.

modern decorating style

The History of Modern Design

Modern design has roots in the historic modernism movement and its lasting legacy continues to inspire contemporary designs and decors. You can see the signs of the modern style in the German and Scandinavian designs. A German school of design and art called Bauhaus first laid out the foundation of what is described to be the ideas of the modern design today. Moreover, modern art also influenced the modern home design and created its roots. To this day modernist values and elements are appreciated by the designer and people who are looking to redecorate their houses. The focus on function, and the minimalistic design create an aesthetic that is loved by most people and also designers.

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