What Does Vintage Decorating Style Mean?

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Vintage Decorating Style

Incorporating shades, accessories, and furniture of the past periods into your house design is considered to be the vintage style. The vintage style covers a wide variety of designs such as mid-century, shabby chic, and retro. Moreover, it is completely different in various eras and periods. For instance, in the 40s and 50s, the vintage styles mean evoking a sense of romance, nostalgia, and old-fashioned charm.

The vintage style of the 40s and the 50s means using natural materials like wood and natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool. Aged furniture is favored in this particular style and old items add to the elegant and classy look of the vintage style. The color palette is usually soft and feminine and consists of gorgeous lines.

Vintage decorating style

Vintage decorating style elements

Elements used in the vintage style all focus on creating a nostalgic vibe and bringing a sense of grace and elegance to the atmosphere. Vintage decorating style elements include:

  • Wooden Floors – wooden floors or wood-like flooring complete the look of the vintage style and it is perfect for creating a sense of nostalgia in your house. Having knots and imperfections add a rustic charm to your place and will make the space look unique.
  • Pastel Shades – The color palette from the 40s and the 50s consists of soft and feminine shades. Moreover, floral patterns for the walls are considered to be the ideal color. Neutrals colors like beige, white, and cream are used with pale pastels and soft greys.
  • Vintage Furniture – Using furniture that artificially or naturally looks old portrays the vintage vibe perfectly. Soft chairs and sofas with wooden frames and wooden tables, coffee tables, and drawers would be ideal.

Vintage decorating style

How to achieve the vintage look?

If you want to create a vintage vibe in your house and decorate it in a way that gives off the old-fashioned vibe, you are going to need some ideas. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your house in a vintage style.

Use Floral Patterns

If you want to create a vintage look in your house, you should know that using floral patterns is essential. The upholstery, cushions, and walls could be in floral patterns. Use fabrics with faded and soft colors. Moreover, use pale and pastel colors. Furthermore, you can even make use of bird and butterfly patterns and combine them with the floral pattern.

Use Glass Chandeliers

Vintage style is all about creating a soft and feminine look in your house. Therefore, make use of glass chandeliers to add a touch of glamour to your space.


Rugs made of natural material which create the vintage feel in your house are favored in this style. Vintage curtains and napkins would be a good idea. Using accessories such as pillows, throws and vintage bedding is a good option if you want to bring back the look of the 40s and the 50s. Use colors such as soft neutral tones for your furniture and make use of the floral pattern.

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