What is Contemporary Decorative Style?

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contemporary decorative style

Do you have a hard time deciding what pieces of furniture are suitable for your house? Do you struggle every time you go shopping for a piece of furniture or accessory? Finding the right decorative style could be time-consuming, however, when you find your favorite you will no longer have a hard time picking out furniture because you know exactly what you are looking for. In this article, we will talk about contemporary decorative styles and help you decide if this style is the right choice for you or not. Often time telling decorative styles apart could be a challenging task. Usually, people get ideas from different styles and create new aesthetics. If you wonder what a contemporary decorative style looks like keep scrolling.

Contemporary Decorative Style

The word contemporary means “current” and ” of the moment”. Therefore, it is hard to pin down what this term exactly means. Since the 1970s contemporary decorative style uses elements from other design styles and aesthetics. In this design, you can see elements of modern style, traditional style, and also futuristic style. Contemporary design is always changing and evolving. Therefore, its aesthetics can change in a few years. However, this style today means minimalism, neutral colors, and curved lines. Today, contemporary focuses on the form use neutral colors, and lets in a lot of light.

contemporary decorative style


In contemporary design style, the focus is more on the form and the shape of the room rather than functionality. The functionality is also important however, contemporary style takes the form and shape one step further compared to other decorative styles. The clean and boxy lines set the standard for this style’s aesthetics. Straight lines and elegant curved lines are considered to be very beautiful and ideal. A fireplace or room divider will incorporate contemporary aesthetics into your house and curved furniture is quite popular.

Neutral Colors

Neutrals are colors that lack shade. Moreover, they do not appear on the color wheel and they complement primary and secondary colors. One of the important elements of the contemporary decorative style is the use of neutral colors such as black, white, grey, and tan. Moreover, bold solid colors are used occasionally and take on the role of accent shades. In addition, it is completely up to you to use splashes of color in your house or stick only to the neutrals. However, if you want to only use neutral colors, add various textures to your style. Texture means how different pieces of furniture look and feel. Using different textures will increase the visual interest in your house.

contemporary decorative style

Natural light

One last key to creating a contemporary style in your house is using natural light. Moreover, you can also use lights to create the same effect however your focus should be more on the natural light. The contemporary decorative style borrows this element from the mid-century modern design. In order to let in natural light as much as possible, windowed walls are perfect. If you do not have windowed walls in your house, do your best to let in the natural light as much as possible. In order to create a contemporary style in your house, use the elements mentioned above and create a room that matches your character and personality.

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