Which Chair Suits My Room Décor?

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When decorating a living room, one of the biggest challenges is deciding what type of seating to use. So which Chair Suits Your Room Décor? Chairs are tricky because they’re a bit difficult to work with. In addition, with so many different designs and styles to choose from, finding the right look is never easy.

Pick your living room chairs based on the style chosen for the rest of the room. In a modern living room, stylish chairs like the Eden or Mag can add a sculptural touch to the decor. Their designs are simple but eye-catching thanks to the unexpected shapes. Depending on how the rest of the room is decorated, these chairs can either blend in or stand out.

Comfort Zone

Which Chair Suits My Room Décor?

The chairs and sofa need to be comfortable. They’re dressed in luxurious fabric and look and feel very cozy and comfortable. Choose brocade fabric for a stand-out look or the simpler white linen version for a clean and fresh look. The shape of the chairs allows multiple comfortable seating positions, especially when paired with a matching footstool or ottoman. For increased comfort, add more accent pillows.

Which Chair Suits My Room Décor?

Color effect

A living room chair can be a source of color for this space. Chairs generally can fulfill this role in a lot of stylish ways. The possibilities are numerous. One option is to choose one or more accent chairs in the selected accent color for that particular room. Another idea is to consider pieces such as the Joya armchair that add more than color to the room.

Which Chair Suits My Room Décor?


When decorating a room, try to arrange the furniture in such a way as to optimize face-to-face conversation. For example, have the sofa and chairs positioned one in front of the other, with a coffee table in between.

Which Chair Suits My Room Décor?

One of their most stylish pieces is the Bai chair which is available in various models and colors, including a version with a swivel base. Swivel chairs for living rooms are a practical option, although they often tend to look more casual than other models. They suit relaxed, modern spaces and can often also be used as desk chairs.

It’s important to maintain a comfortable distance between a chair and other furniture pieces in the room. The distance between a coffee table and a sofa or a chair should be between 14” and 18”.

The distance between two chairs and a sofa should be no more than 10 feet but no less than 3 feet. You can be sure you create a comfortable seating arrangement ideal for conversation while allowing everyone their privacy.

You can use furniture to divide a space. Of course, room dividers are always an option but chairs and sofas can be a great alternative. It’s possible to use a room divider as a wall replacement if you want the living room chairs to have some sort of background behind them and feel more comfortable.

Which Chair Suits My Room Décor?

Living room chairs can serve as focal points for the room. This role can be performed by the coffee table, fireplace, and lots of other features. If you want a chair to stand out, consider one that has an interesting color that contrasts with the rest of the decor, and an interesting shape, or consider positioning it in a corner or slightly away from other seating arrangements.

Keep the Distance

When arranging the furniture in your living room is the distance between the side table and the chairs. The chairs need to be close enough to the table to set down a drink without effort and without fearing you would knock it over by accident.

There’s a good relationship between chairs and side tables. In a lot of cases, they complement each other in various ways. For example, a chair and a side table can feature complimentary colors or shapes. Either of them could serve as an accent piece or a focal point for the room.

There are also plenty of decorating mistakes you should avoid making. For example, try to keep the entryway clear. That means avoiding placing furniture in that area that would cause discomfort. Don’t place chairs too close to the entryway or at an uncomfortable angle.

Avoid pushing all the furniture against the walls of the room. Pull the chairs and sofa out at least 12” from the wall to ensure a more relaxed and less formal ambiance. This design idea can be adapted for both small and spacious living rooms.

You should watch out for the lighting in the room. You don’t want table lamps to be knocked over easily or the floor lamps to shed light at uncomfortable angles. Take the time to try out every seat in the room and to figure out whether or not the lighting is sufficient and nicely placed throughout the room.


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