Guiding for buying the furniture

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October 27, 2021
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October 27, 2021
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Guiding for buying the furniture

buying the furniture

For buying the furniture, first of all, you should consider the space of your living room. If you have a small living room, it is better to buy an L-shaped sofa. But if your living room has more space, you can buy the classic or royal sofa. At this time, pay attention to the height of the ceiling. If your desired sofa has a high crown while the roof of your house is short, it is better to refrain for buying it. The best material for making sofa is Russian wood and the best foam is the cold foam or 30 or 35 kg sponge for its insole. When you are buying, pay attention to the type of fabric, sewing and wash ability.

The price of the furniture

The most important part of any house is its living room because the living room is the center of the house and it is considered as the most important part of the house that we spend many hours in this part every day. Therefore, it is natural to spend the most time and money on this part of the house. Due to the variety of tastes that exist among people, many different styles can be used to decorate the living room, so the furniture that used to decorate the living room should be purchased with sufficient awareness and after it has been purchased.

When you have a guest, the most important part of the house is the living room, and most of the friendly and family parties are held in this space, so with the right arrangement, you can create a positive feeling in the space. In order to be able to design the interior decoration of the living room in the best way, it is necessary to choose your desired style and get acquainted with the design principles. Nowadays, most people use the furniture to design their home decoration, which can have a variety of color schemes and designs. But for choosing the furniture, you must be careful about the size of the living room and prepare it according to the space of your home.

Choosing the furniture

The sofa is one of the most durable home furniture that cannot be changed every year and it is one of the items that are used a lot in the home, so you should be careful in choosing and buying it. When you are buying furniture, you should pay attention to the fabric, color, wood material, wood color, firmness, spring, etc. In this section, we will guide you to buy the furniture.

  • Standard furniture

When you sit on these sofas, the soles of your feet are exactly on the floor, when you sit on the sofa the backrest of the sofa should be protrude.

  • The color of the fabric

Choosing the color of sofa fabric depends on the taste and theme of your home decoration, but if your home is busy or you have a small child, it is better to choose dark colors and Choose neutral color so that your sofa will not be repetitive for a long time.

  • Furniture firmness

Furniture firmness is also an important issue that you should pay attention to it. Very light furniture is not useful because it indicates that poor quality materials are used in it, it is better to lift one of the sofas before buying, and avoid buying it, if it was too light.

  • Upholstery fabric

Upholstery fabric should be very durable because you are not going to change your furniture soon, so the fabric should have a hard texture so that it does not rot or tear in a few years.

  • Home space

When you are going to buy a sofa, pay attention to your home space. If your home is small, you should use the L-shaped sofa so that your home also has a place to traffic.

Other important points for buying a sofa

  • The best woods for the sofa are beech, alder and maple
  • These products should be in harmony with the style of home decoration
  • The angle of the sofa with the back is 100 degrees
  • The behind height of sofa should be 64 cm.

All kinds of the furniture

You are definitely familiar with recliner, classic and royal (steel) furniture, but you should know that the types of this product are not limited to these, although almost other categories of furniture are sub-models of recliner models, such as L-shaped, sectional and Chesterfield sofa.

Turkish sofa

Turkish sofa is made of first-class materials and its upholstery is durable. Of course, buying this model will be very expensive for you. We suggest you buy the furniture that similar to Canadian furniture or order its construction to these workshops. Products made in Canada are also very high quality and durable.

Royal sofa

The royal sofas is a very luxurious piece of furniture that is mostly used to host formal guests. This model has very beautiful inlays and has a long crown. The fabric of this model is very high quality and its presence in any home gives a special luster to the decoration.

Classic sofa

The classic model, like royal sofa, is usually used in traditional decorations and for hosting formal guests, but the inlays of this model are inspired by traditional designs and are more delicate than the inlays of royal furniture. Furthermore, the crown, the handles and the legs of the classic model also have inlays.

The sofa bed

The sofa bed is one of the products that can be used both in the home and office environments. In this section.

All kinds of sofa bed

  • Single sofa bed
  • Double sofa bed
  • triad sofa bed

Steel sofa

The Steel sofa is one of the products that its placement in the hosting place can make your home more beautiful. Choosing steel furniture can be one of the questions that busy the mind of the buyer. All kinds of this model include: triad sofa, single sofa, host chair, front table, and chaise longue a careful examination of each of the mentioned sofas can make you buy better.

L-shape sofa

The L-shape sofa not only does not take up much space, but also save in space, because, if you want to put two sofas for two or even three people beside each other, you will have to put a distance between them. Therefore, the triangle that remains from space is useless. Also, more people can sit on the L-shape sofa, and you can also use this type of furniture to separate the living room from the adjacent environment, and it is not necessary to connect them to two adjacent walls. Also, in a type of L-shape sofa, the pieces have created L-shape sofa that can be separated from each other and used separately if needed

Also, if your desired space is more spacious, you can also use single sofas and create a more complete combination. The philosophy of designing and creating an L-shape sofa is to make maximum use of limited spaces and not to lose empty spaces between single sofas. Although the L-shape sofa is always a special form and similar to the English letter L, but the designers have given a remarkable and unexpected variety to this sofa model due to the smallest details and making changes in the appearance of the details. So due to the lack of space in some kitchens, the L-shape sofa can also be used in this space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why are the prices higher than your site in exhibitions?

Online sales and cost reduction in online stores have reduced prices and sales are done directly.

2- How to send to all over Canada?

Sending to all over Canada is by special carrier.

3- Is it possible to choose fabrics of different types and colors?

Yes, the fabric and its color are chosen by the customer and it is possible to choose from different fabrics in person or online.

4- Is it possible to order a 2-person or 3-person set of furniture?

Yes, you can choose models in half sets and 2 or 3 people.

5- Is it possible to visit in person?

Some models can be visited in person, for other models you can choose product details such as fabric in person.

6- Is it possible to place an order for models that have stopped production?

No, it is not possible to produce these products due to they are out of the production line.

7- How to ensure the quality of the company of the products?

All products in the company’s store are valid and have a valid warranty. Workshop products are not offered in our store system.

8- What wood is used in workshop?

The material used for each product is different and all products are offered with first-class materials such as Georgian beech wood, Russian wood, etc.

9- How to register the order?

You can register your order in person and online, in case of online, product details, fabric, etc. will be approved by you and then your order will be registered.


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