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October 27, 2021
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October 27, 2021
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Recliner sofa

have you ever thought about Recliner sofa and its features? If not, we suggest you read this text to get acquainted with all features of a good sofa.

What is Recliner sofa?

First, this is a question that seems a little strange. The word sofa which literally means lovely a utensil for sitting or a helper for sitting, it is a French word that is entered in English. The overall structure of the sofa is made of four low-height pedestals that are covered with a soft cover. According to this definition, it is obvious what’s the meaning of the sofa. The Recliner sofa is derived from this definition and structure and in a way complements it. A device that is mostly used in the home and it is used to sit and house party. Sofas have been used since the cavemen, and the first sofa that was made in the shape of today, it dates back to 3000 BC. A Recliner sofa, is a utensil for sitting with the feature of comfort, This is a feature that many people consider it when buying a Recliner sofa.

In Iran, sofas have a special category according to the structure of the global furniture category, and this category is generally divided into three categories: steel, classic, and Recliner sofa. Steel and classic sofas which are almost synonymous, but they are different. But Recliner sofa, unlike classic sofas, has a very soft bottom, with low height, wide handles, and pillows. An important feature of Recliner sofa is the creation of a feeling of comfort and softness of their backs and bottom, which are rarely seen in steel and classic sofa. The Recliner sofa is generally a flexible utensil for the convenience of the people and this is the reason why most people prefer this sofa to other categories. The new model of Recliner sofa is divided into several sub-categories, each of them has a special feature and is used for a specific environment.

Types of sofas include: Couches, lovseats, Photon or sofa beds, L-shaped sofas, modern, fancy sofas are all types of Recliner sofa models. We will examine each of these kinds of sofas for you and state what environments are suitable for using these sofas and what points should be considered in relation to these models when you are buying.


couches are generally a part of a comfortable furniture set, also can be used individually. Types of couches are used for two and three people in small spaces, houses with low population, as well as in the waiting rooms of offices, schools, and offices. couches do not have a private place and are mostly placed in front of the TV in the house. couches are more popular due to their side space, and their comfort puts them at the top of popular sofas. The sofa plays the main role in arranging a Recliner sofa at home. So when you are going to buy a Recliner sofa for your home, Pay attention to the type and design of the couch.


Recliner double sofa, which literally means lovely, are double sofas that take up very little space at home, whereas they bring people closer together, They are called Loveseat. Loveseats have found a good place in modern decoration, but they are not yet known and common in Iran; Although people buy them as a sofa, with a sofa set or alone and as a coach for two people, and put them in their arrangement, but they are somewhat unaware of the reason for its application. this sofa is usually placed in front of the TV so that young couples can spend romantic moments together.

Photon or sofa bed

Among the new models of Recliner sofa, these types of sofas, which are the best option for single people or student houses and even lounges or office restrooms, have been well received among Iranians in recent years. Comfortable furniture, which is normally a comfortable and pleasant sofa and there is not even a trace of a bed in it, becomes the softest and most comfortable means for sleeping with a few simple movements. These sofas, which are categorized in the economic or economic part, or the same comfortable sofa at a reasonable price, by reducing the costs of single-person households, in addition to efficiency and practicality, also take up very little space. It is recommended that if you are planning to buy a comfortable sofa bed, choose your sofa so that it will be in harmony with the arrangement of other sofas in the future.

L-shaped sofa

L-shaped sofa has grown significantly in recent years; in terms of production and in terms of public demand too. The reason is to change people’s tastes and move towards modern styles. Due to its structure, L-shaped sofa needs relatively enough space and should be placed in a suitable place to show off at home. In the arrangement of the L-shaped sofa, the correct place for this model is in the corner of the living room, in the corners of the room, and the places where this sofa is correctly placed in the structure of the house.

L-shaped sofa has a high variability due to its special shape. In some other models of this sofa, it is possible to have a bed. It is also possible to remove the L part when it is needed, this matter has led to more sales of these sofas. The price of L-shaped sofa also depends on the design and quality of product and it can be more or less than the usual models of the Recliner sofa.

Modern and fancy sofa

Sofas with special faces and strange colors; The comfort of these sofas should not be doubted, But what deters people from buying it, is the strange face that they give to the decoration of the house. Of course, This strangeness does not mean that the layout is not beautiful and it is a matter of taste. Long and puffy sofas, strange colors, as well as the deconstructive appearance that people have not yet a good relationship with it, are the features of a modern and fancy sofa model.

However, if you want to add a fancy and modern sofa to your home decoration, it is better to create the necessary coordination to place them in the home space beforehand. Use special decorations and set curtains and add fancy carpets to your living room, with these events, the strangeness of these sofas will be less visible in the eyes of the guests and will announce the balance of the space to the audience.

Standard size of Recliner sofa

Standard sizes of different types of sofa models are based on the standards of different regions and are prepared and installed according to the average height of people, as well as the type of sofa user environment. But in the standard mode, the bottom of the sofa has the following dimensions:

Each part of the bottom cushions of a three-seated couch is 70 cm long and 70 cm wide, and the height of the cushions varies between 20 and 35 cm. The size of the handles varies depending on the type of sofa, but generally, it is between 15 and 35 cm.

In Recliner sofa, bottom cushions are made for the sofa in continuous and separate ways. The advantages of a continuous bottom include the strength and stability of the lower part and it’s immobility, as well as its non-deformation, but these items do not exist in a separated model. But instead, it is possible to replace the bottom foam, which loses its original state after a while. Another feature of the separated model is the possibility of washing this part of the sofas, which is possible by removing the surface.

The Recliner sofa, which is more considered by youth, and shows the modern lifestyle, also it makes people comfortable. But many families, in addition to classic or steel sofas, because of the large space of the house, use Recliner sofa for the living room or rest area of the house. Also, the issue that has made these sofas to be at the top of household choices is the cost of preparing and even repairing them; So that buying and selling used sofas is also common, and thus part of the purchase cost goes back to the household basket.

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