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Everything about sofa bed

sofa bed

Is your house small but you cannot ignore having a sofa? Are you looking for home appliances that is several functioned and do not take up much space? We have to give you good news in this regard. In this article we want to talk about one of these magical tools and multiple functioned. Ever heard the name of sofa bed? It is true. This is the item that can beautify your small home.

Sofa beds are a new generation of comfortable sofas that can be used as a bed. Sofa beds or fold-out beds are both great for small homes. But perhaps the question that arises in this regard is what the difference between the two is? In this part, we will answer this question. Stay with us.

You probably have encountered the problem of lack of space in your home.  Having a small bedroom where you cannot fit both the bed and other items, or not having a guest room can be very annoying. Especially today, when the size of houses is getting smaller and smaller, this problem is more and more noticeable and understandable.

Sometimes students are forced to rent suites that have only one room and have to use it as a living room, study room and bedroom at the same time. Of course, these problems are not unsolvable at all, and our suggestion for people with such problems is a sofa bed or a folding bed. But first of all, we must pay attention to the features of these two models of furniture and in fact what is the difference between a sofa bed and a folding bed.


On July 18, 1899, Leonard C. Bailey obtained the right to build the first “folding bed.” The metal frame of the bed was foldable and the mattress could be bent and closed if necessary. This is the same bed that was later called the secret bed.

William Lawrence Murphy received the patent for the “Wall Folding Bed,” now known as the “Murphy Bed.” The characteristic of this type of bed is to save space by folding the bed in a closet inside the wall.

In 1931, Bernard Castro produced and sold a “convertible Castro” using $ 400 of his savings. Castro design is the evolution model of most modern sofas.

Around 1980, after imitating Japanese designers, Japanese mattresses appeared in the United States. William Brewer was the first to invent the convertible sofa style in the United States.

What is difference between sofa beds and fold-out beds?

In order to be able to understand the difference between these two pieces of furniture, we must first know how to define each of them and express their characteristics.

As the name implies, a sofa is a piece of furniture that is both a sofa and a bed. The most common use of this type of furniture is in homes that do not have guest rooms. Sometimes a guest may spend the night in your home and you may need one or more extra beds. Or you may be a student and live in a small suite that has only one room and you have to use that room as a living room, bedroom and study

But folding bed is a bed whose main use is a bed. This type of bed is retractable and has different types.

In fact, the main difference between a sofa bed and a folding bed is their first use. This means that the sofa bed is originally a sofa and can also be used as a bed. But the main use of a folding bed is for sleeping, and it can be folded when there is a lack of space. But in the retractable mode, it will not always be used as a sofa.

The benefits of a sofa bed

  • Having a sofa bed creates a stylish furnished space with a beautiful color scheme in your home and bedroom.
  • Usually a 4-seater sofa bed eliminates the need for you to have another sofa or chair in the bedroom.
  • There is usually a box or closet space inside the sofa bed, which is very suitable as a closet for storing extra items.
  • It is very easy to move the sofa bed.
  • There are different types of sofa beds, double sofa beds, L-shaped, etc.
  • Because the sofa bed is not mounted on the wall, the wall of the bedroom always stays healthy.
  • Most importantly, the sofa bed does not have the dangers of a folding bed. Because sometimes the folding beds suddenly collapse and cause you possible damage. But sofa beds are safe.

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