Everything you may want to know about sofa

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October 27, 2021
What do you know about sofas?
October 27, 2021
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Everything you may want to know about sofa

Today’s life is very difficult without some tools. One of the tools that can make life easier for us humans is sofa. Couch has an important role in today’s life that perhaps few houses can be imagined without this necessary item. There is no difference in the economic situation and income of individuals. Everyone tries to use this commodity in their home. In fact, having couch at home allows family members to get together and turn the living room into a place for family get-togethers.

In this article, we try to talk about the couch, its types, its raw materials and all the issues related to the couch. Join us to learn more about this.

History of sofa

Evidence from cave wall paintings as well as sculptures from the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs suggest that humans have designed furniture and benches since the beginning of life. The ancient Egyptians and Romans reserved the right to use furniture for the royal family and nobles and other elites. Until 1500 AD, the use of fabrics was generally limited to use as bedspreads, home curtains, and to protect residents from the cold. With the Industrial Revolution, the need to protect elements decreased and fabrics were widely used for decorating and upholstering furniture.

In the eighteenth century, with the increasing expansion of urban space, a good opportunity was provided for designers and decorators such as Henry Copeland and Thomas Chippendale to decorate the interior and home furniture, especially the couch, and to grow this industry. In the nineteenth century, the sewing industry developed significantly and this was the beginning of the exit from the production of traditional style couch and the beginning of the production of modern furniture. In the design of pillows, fibers replaced cotton, and furniture companies began branding their products.

Types of couches

Couches are categorized and named based on the appearance of their structure. There may be different types of segmentation and different divisions for the couch. Some divisions are based on their shape and some are based on their raw materials. There may also be other different divisions. But the point is, there is a general category for couches. Steel or the same royal couch, classic sofa and comfortable sofa. Each of these types of couches are divided into more detailed categories. We want to speak about some popular sofas and introduce them.

1: Sectional

Sectional Couch, as its name implies, consists of several parts. This type of couch usually has three to five parts that are different depending on the model. These types of couches are placed next to each other in different ways. The more of these components, the more and more varied the couch placement modes will be. When buying, be careful to choose the Sectional Couch according to the needs and size of the home environment. If the space is small and the number of pieces is maximum, the house will look cramped and small. And on the other hand, if the space is large and the execution of the couch is low, the space will feel naked. With the growing growth of the decoration industry and people’s interest in changing their furniture, the styles and colors of this type of furniture are also changing rapidly. In the types of sofas, Sectional Sofas with L and U shaped have the most customers and enthusiasts. Sectional sofas have entered the cycle of various types of furniture and decoration industry since 1950, and they themselves have different types such as L-shaped and U-shaped.

2: Chesterfield

Chesterfield couch is a button-up couch which has button on the backrest and the living area.

People’s perception of hearing the name Chesterfield couch is comfortable and stylish furniture for the house. Many prefer to buy Chester couch to other models and like to experience different furniture

The word Chesterfield was used in the early 1800s in England to describe leather sofas. It is speculated that Lord Philip Hope designed button-up leather couches in the early 1700s, which are very similar to today’s models.

For this type of couch, it can be defined as having a wide handle and back and the same height that is twisted backwards. One of the appearance features of the Chester couch, is having buttons on the back and handles.

Chesterfield furniture has different types and models in the production of which can be used fabric and leather of the couch. But it is mostly made of leather and can be well coordinated with modern, classic and traditional decorations.

3: Lawson-style

This type of couch has an element called comfort. The back and seat of any piece of furniture is the signature of that piece of furniture and its designer. That means back and seat of every couch related to its type.

The reason of its comfort is the structure of the cushions and pillows. Its large cushions are in place correctly and at the right height. Today’s designs, pre-designed by computers and then put into production, let you know that you can buy a Lawson-style couch in a variety of colors, materials and sizes and take it home. You can experience the ultimate comfort of this furniture with more cushions. The history of this furniture dates back to the early twentieth century. Where Thomas Lawson lived.

4: Sofa beds

The structure and characteristics of these sofas are quite clear from their names. These couches can be turned into beds.

This furniture are mostly used for single people and those whose home space is limited and small. Also, the speed of turning these sofas into beds and vice versa is one of the very good features of this type of furniture. There are different types of sofa beds. Non-occupying space and being Economical, makes this type of couch a smart and ideal choice.

5: Royal or steel

Steel sofas that have their own fans are apparently derived from the exaggerated styles of classic sofas. In other words, it can be said that a redesign has been done on the classic couch and more details have been done. But the important point here is that these couches have sacrificed comfort for beauty.

Royal or steel couch, whose appearance is characterized by height, crowded body of the couch, use of special designs, inlay work, as well as its color, can be easily distinguished from different types of sofas.

There are many types of sofas. We have mentioned here only some of the common types.

Manufacturing process

1- Framing

The first step of any kind of furniture is its framing. At this stage, the frame and the main structure of the couch are made of wood. The thickness of the wood should be such that it can have high endurance and durability. Otherwise, the couch cannot bear the weight of people and breaks.

The arms, back, seat, and bases of the couch are connected. Strong connections must also be used to connect these parts.


At this stage, the couch is filled with different types of sponges and foam. Sponges with different thicknesses are used in furniture. There are three types of sponges: long, medium and short, with three different densities. But foam is made of special chemicals that are placed in an oven with indirect heat. In the manufacture of furniture, the use of foam is more suitable than sponges and has a longer life.

3- Sewing and coating

At this stage, the fabrics or leather that want to be placed as a cover on the couch are cut and then sewn. Then they are covered on the couch. Different types of fabrics and leathers are usually used for the cover.

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