What do you know about sofas?

Everything you may want to know about sofa
October 27, 2021
Guiding for buying a used couch and its points
October 27, 2021
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What do you know about sofas?

Proper furniture can change the mood of your home and give a new color to your room. Choosing the right couch is an issue that can make your home space many times more beautiful. In this article we are going to talk about sofas. If you want to know more about this subject stay with us.

The components of a sofa

The sofas are made up of different parts. These parts can change from one couch to another and have a different appearance. Knowing about each of these parts and their appearance can help you identify the type of furniture. In addition, a thorough knowledge of these parts can guide you in recognizing the quality of couches.

In general, couches consists of three parts: arm, seat and back. Each of these parts comes in different designs and shapes. The difference between shape and appearance of the couch parts makes the difference in the overall shape of the sofas. In fact, different types of couches are created based on the differences and appearance features of these three parts. Now see the types of these elements:

  • couch arms

The arms of the couch are located at the end of that and play an important role in the function as well as the overall appearance of the couch.

The arms of couches are divided into different types based on their appearance. These types include the English arm, the pleated arm, the rolling arm, the square arm, the Lawson arm, and the tuxedo arm.

Each of these arms has its own unique shape and features that help us identify the type of furniture.

  • The back of the couch

The backs of the sofas have different heights, shapes and cushions. The back of the couch can determine the comfort of the sofas.

Sofa cushions, which are part of the back of couches, are placed in different positions. They can either be attached to the back of the couch, like the types of attached back, or they can be designed separately from the back, such as the loose cushion model.

Other types of couch backs include camel back, channel back, curved back, pillow back, tight backs and waterfall back.

  • Couch seat

sofas seats are more than just a chair. The real pleasure of sitting should be experienced on a couch chair. A seat of couch should be soft and strong.

There are different types of couch chairs. In some couches, the couch chairs are single cushions and are in the shape of a bench. These single cushions give a minimalist look to the couch. In some couches, the chair consists of several cushions next to each other. In the other type, there may be no seat cushion. This last case is called a tight seat.

Raw materials

The main frame of sofas is usually made of wood. But sometimes some other materials are also used in making couch frames. Materials such as steel or plastic boards.

The wood used to make the couch is usually maple, mahogany, walnut or fruitwoods.

Another couch raw material is padding. Padding is usually made up of animal hair. Animals such as boars or horses. Some other wraps are foam or polyethylene.

Cushions are another raw material for couchs that are usually made of polyurethane foam, polyester fibers, cotton or latex.

In addition to the items mentioned, couches are also made of different types of fabrics. These fabrics may be synthetic, natural or mixed fibers. Among these fibers, wool and nylon are the best choices.

The last case is the springs. Springs are usually made of durable steel and are one of the main materials of couches.

Finally, all these materials are fastened with tacks, twine and machine sewing thread.

Tips on arranging furniture

– Color selection and layout

The choice of couch color is completely a matter of taste. But using colors like light cream or even white, makes the space look bigger. Choose sofas with rigid or curved geometric shapes as much as possible. As for the arrangement, you should place the furniture attached to the wall, the furniture next to the smooth wall will create a more suitable combination. At the same time, this prevents the waste of even the smallest spaces.

– Modern layout

It is true that this type of furniture is mostly used in homes that face a lack of space, but if you are looking for a simple and beautiful decoration, you can also use multi-purpose furniture.

– Oblique layout

If you want the interior of the conversation to look bigger, you can use this type of arrangement. This type of arrangement makes a friendly atmosphere for you. As much as possible, try not to use any kind of fabric or carpet to make the space look more open and bigger.

– Symmetrical arrangement

A focal point is always needed everywhere. Fireplaces or televisions can play this role. Only in the arrangement of furniture, be sure to consider the symmetry, because the two sides of the room must be perfectly aligned. In this type of layout, anything you put on one side should be on the other side in the same way.

– Face-to-face layout

One of the principles of living room layout is to place Couches facing each other and place the table in front of the couch in the middle so that all family members and other guests can gather around each other.

– L-shaped arrangement

In large living rooms, you can place a large couch and a double couch next to each other in an “L” shape and place a table in front of them, and you can fill the spaces facing them with various single chairs. This has the advantage of being easy to move around and for more intimacy go further and closer to the couch and couch.

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