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October 27, 2021
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October 27, 2021
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Sofa with free delivery

Sending and carrying sofas is undoubtedly one of the most important concerns of people after buying sofas. Especially when you have bought your sofas online or at an exhibition and you need to carry sofas to distant areas. Likewise, those who intend to shop in person will also be concerned about carrying the sofa. But among all the concerns, perhaps the most important concern is the cost of sending them. But you should know that in our furniture exhibition, after your purchase, you don’t need to pay for sending your sofas. In other words, Sofa with free delivery will be done. Also, important points are applied in packing and sending, so that your sofas are not damaged

Sofa with free delivery and its services

a sofa is one of the main furniture of home or office that has an effective role in the decoration and beauty of your home and office and helps to comfort your place. There is an important problem when buying and sending a sofa that the sofa is very vulnerable and usually has a high degree of damage, especially in sending to distant areas, where the possibility of damage increases. This concern has caused people to need transportation companies after purchase. But in our furniture exhibition, you only need to pay for your sofa. Because we will deliver the sofa to your home or office in the farthest places without paying any cost. Sofa with free delivery to all regions of the country is done with an insurance commitment. Of course, in this furniture exhibition, all cases of sending are done by experienced and specialized people.

How to pack sofas?

If you are worried about Sofa with free delivery and you do not know how this is done in our furniture exhibition. We must tell you not to worry about damaging your sofa, because by following a few instructions, the package will be sent to you with the least risk and problem.

  • First open all the detachable parts and put them in the blanket or protect them with a cover, bubble wrap and glue.
  • Wrap all parts of the sofa completely with cellophane.
  • Cover the parts of the sofa, such as wooden handles and the bases of the sofa that may be damaged when sending sofa, with high-quality and multi-layered rap babble (shock-absorbing nylons) and spread glue on it.

Sofa with free delivery to distant areas

As we said, when buying a sofa, most people are worried about packaging, and sending it. But in our furniture exhibition, this is done in a completely professional way and free. In other words, by purchasing from this furniture exhibition, Sofa with free delivery is a gift that is given to the buyer. However, when sending sofas to these areas, a few points are considered:

  • Proper packaging is one of the most important steps that is done.
  • Quality materials are used in the packaging of luxury furniture.
  • Furniture is transported inside or outside the house through the stairs and it is done with high accuracy by capable people.
  • A truck suitable for the size of the furniture and equipped with shockproof insulation is used in carrying and transporting furniture.
  • Our special driver pays attention to the bumps on the streets and roads.
  • Insuring and guaranteeing delivery by our company is another gift to you.

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